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Tompkins Communications was established in 1996 serving mostly non-profit organizations needing various media services. Since then, we've broadened our client base to include small- and medium-sized businesses looking for an entry level web presence.
Print, radio, video, television, web...we've had our fingers in each of these media one way or another for over 15 years.
Now with a greater emphasis on web consulting, ecommerce, and project management, Tompkins Communications functions around an outsourcing model typically based on hourly rates, allowing our clients tremendous flexibility and control over their projects and budgets.
Imagine being one of our clients. You control how quickly your projects ramp up...you control which goals have priority...and you control when objectives have been reached. You set the parameters. We do the work.
We're not big on hyping ourselves. Honestly, we prefer operating behind the scenes helping your business achieve your objectives. If we've done our part, you'll send us more business and make referrals. Our success is built first on increasing your success.
If you want a web outsourcing resource that operates on a "profoundly simple" contract model, please contact Tompkins Communications today.